In the spring of 2015, Marendra Modi was elected in India's Prime Minister in tandem with the rise of a right wing nationalist party. I covered religious tension and union between Mormons, Christians, Hindus and Muslims. The project was a collaboration with 16 other students at the Columbia University Journalism School, under Professor Ari Goldman and Professor Yogi Trivedi. Our collection of multimedia stories is posted on

My work includes: 

  • Twice Discriminated, a 2,912-word story that examines the legislative discrimination faced by India's Christian Dalits, once known as untouchables.  
  • Muslim students learn about religion in Christian schools, a 1,156-word story written with co-reporter Gregoire Molle, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the relationship between Muslims and Christians in the education system in Ahmedabad, India.  

  • Devotion through dance, a series of photo portraits of classical Hindu Bharatnatyam dancers who worship on the dance floor in Ahmedabad, India.