Edited by B. Martin Pedersen and Rachel Lowry
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Size: 8 1/2" x 11 3/4"
Pages: 256

A collection of the year's best work from top photographers in the industry. We introduce the work of nine Graphis Platinum winners, Bill Diodato, Frank P. Wartenberg, Henry Leutwyler, Mark Zibert, RJ Muna, Heinz Baumann, Colin Faulkner, Marcin Muchalski and Terry Heffernan. This book includes Q&A's with RJ Muna, a cutting edge photographer from San Francisco, and Heinz Baumann, a Swiss conceptual and still life photographer. Also included are descriptions of the assignment, approach and results of work, which offers insight into the creative process of the featured photographers. Inspiring visual resource, as well as a practical reference volume, Graphis Photography Annual 2015 is a must have for photographers, advertising agencies, art directors, designers, students, clients and the general public.